Thursday, August 27, 2015

What were the Salem Witch Trials

This is a well written and researched book, that works to explain why the Salem Witch Trials came to be, and why they ended so rapidly. Joan Holub does a remarkable job of taking the reader back to 1692 and the farming community of Salem.  Each page takes the reader deeper into this time so long ago and so strange to us today.  One of the first things we come to understand is how people were so concerned about their spiritual path, people lived in fear of any one who was not of their way of believing and the people of Salem were very tightly knit to their belief in God and Christ.

Holub explains the world of the Puritans, every father was supposed to be able to heal his family from illness, if not then the local minister of the faith, when this could not happen it was obviously the work of the Devil and his kind, Witches.

It is in this setting that the story of the Witch Hunts begin, because of two young girls who suddenly begin to have fits and speak of strange things and speak strangely;  Fear takes over and rational and logical thought go out the window.

The girls are asked to name who the witches are, and after a period of time, they name three people.
This is just the beginning.

Famous ministers of the day, Increase and Cotton Mather are mentioned, how are they involved and what leads to the final end of the Trials?

The answer to these questions can be found in this fast paced book, that will provide new insight no matter your age.

The book has great illustrations done by  Dede  Putra and also has reproductions of illustrations from the time at the back of the book.  There is also a complete timeline showing the events as they happened between January 1692 to October 1693.

Overall this is a great book and is another success for Joan Holub,  ****

Cotton Mather Puritan Minister and strong believer that Witches existed and need not live.

Title page of Cotton Mather's Book.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

From the heart

Night has come, the secadas make their chirping that slices through the silence.

Stars and the moon, the only immediate light, the apartments near by are dark, do people live here really or is it abandoned?

Music plays on the stereo and the air conditioner hums keeping our apartment cool as an ice cube.

Only our trustworthy watch cat sits atop a crate with mysteries to be revealed.

Night has come to our humble abode here in Branson and tomorrow will bring another sunrise another day

A Cats life

Meow mew merew meeow 

these are the words my cat says, I am not sure what she means.  She sits looking at me,, sometimes she purrs and sometimes she just curls up and falls asleep.  What a life she has.

A Cats life, from the  Cat

Why don't you pay attemtion to me?

I want  food... Now!

Oh that feels good, but I still need food.  Oh okay you are off the hook.  That feels so good.

I think I will go over here and sleep for 20 hours.  Or at least until you feed me,..

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mondays' Music Moves Me Memories

This is a combination of favorite songs an artists.  Enjoy.

We start with a young woman who keeps coming up with amazing music  Evanessence, with one of her latest songs Lithium.

Next a very powerful sonf by The Moody Blues, Melancholy man

Last up The Beatles, with Nowhere man

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Fantastic, actually it is Incredible place to eat... In Springfield Missouri

Perhaps one of the most entertaining places that I have been to, since coming back to Missouri is America's Incredible Pizza.

America's Incredible Pizza is a theme restaurant tied to 1954 to 1959.  There are pictures from Springfield High School in they Gymnasium one of three eating areas inside the restaurant, along with the Diner and Starlite Theater where you can eat Pizza, Pasta or Tacos and watch a movie.  Such classics as "Toy Story" and "The Sound of Music" have been featured.  They run uninterrupted and repeat, so if you miss part of a favorite movie, you can see it all the way through.

Besides Pasta and Tacos, there is a wide selection of Pizza's from traditional Pepperoni to BBQ and a Greek Pizza with Feta Cheese and Spinach.

All food is cooked on site and fresh from the kitchen.  Other food fare includes Hot dogs, A Salad Bar and a Desert Bar. 

The great thing about the Desert Bar is that it features not just classics, like Ice Cream and Peach Cobbler, but Strawberry Peach Cobbler, which has to be tried, The strawberries are just tart enough to cut the sweetness of the Peach.  It is amazing and Bread Pudding, something I had never tried and fell in love with.
Strawberry Peach Cobbler.  Yummy in the tummy
Bread Pudding, something I fell in love with,
Prices are very reasonable and you can even have birthday celebrations at America's Incredible Pizza.

One last feature that I have waited to share, is A game room, that is to die for.  Again there is a great variety of games, everything from Skeet Ball to bumper cars, to video games like Jurasic Park.  You can take a chance with the claw and see if you can win a Minion.  

Overall America's Incredible Pizza, lives up to its' name.  It is incredible and a fun place for the whole family or just couples, looking for great food a movie and games all under one roof.

America's Incredible Pizza is located at 2522 South Campbell Avenue located in Springfield Missouri.
For information or details on specials or arranging an Incredible birthday party you can call 417-890-1408.

Disclosure  I received a gift card for my open and honest review.  The views expressed here are 100% my own and may not reflect your opinion or experience.  Tamirisc M Dagda 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mondays Music Moves Me to Missouri in the Sunnmertime

Well it is that time, when I actually present some music.  I love music of the Summertime, so here are some of my favorite pieces of Summer themed music,  Starting with Mungo Jerry and In the Summertime from 1970.

Next up is a classic piece from Porgy and Bess, simply called Summertime.

Next it it Lawrence Welk and his Champagne music makers with "In the good old Summertime" from June 4rh 1960,  I month and 22 days before I was born.
Well as good as this song is, sometimes you should never redo somethiing from the past.  Olivia Newton John and John Travolta with the cast from Greene doing Summer Nights.
So there you have it it,,  My Summer music fest,  Hope you all enjoy this,

Thursday, May 28, 2015

GIBBS! What have they done to thee?

Just recently, I watched the final 2 episodes of NCIS for this season.  Now at first the next to last episode did not seem so off, until I began to think about it. and how it was handled.  

The Lost Boys, the next to last episode had a major mistake in the dramatic storyline, in that Gibbs went onto the bus and remained there after the passengers had been successfully evacuated.  Now yes Gibbs would do all he could to talk the young man out of killing himself, but when it became apparent that the young man was going to kill himself, Gibbs needed to get to safety, also he was hardly injured or so it seemed because he was back in action immediately, no rest or recovery.

Neverland, the final episode of the season Gibbs might as well not have been in the story, because for all intensive purposes he was not.

Mark Harmon walked through this episiode with hardly a single line of dialogue, his reactions were plastic.

Every major scene in the spisode Mimi Rogers,CIA officerJoanna Teague was the lead character, she had all the significant dialogue and left Mark Harmon just standing there looking like a frustrated character.

Gibbs had nothing to say or do until near the very end of the episode where he was again confronted by a teenage twerrorist and put in harms way.

The other major problem I had with Mimi Rogers character, for a woman whose son had just died, she was static.  There were no emotions, she was aloof and unemotional, even when looking at her son in Duckys' lab.

Granted she was a high ranking CIA official, but in all honesty, she had just lost her son, besides anger at wanting revenge, there were no other emotions expressed.  She might as well have been a Vulcan.

Also one of the worst scenes involved Abby Schuto.

Abby has always been calm, and in control, she has let her emotions fly when need be, but she has never pulled back and been a shrinking violet.  I a key scene with Gibbs and her in her lab, she sounded like a scared little girl and held a stuffed giraffe as if she were five years old.

I can not remember the last time I have watched an episode of NCIS and been so disappointed by the episode.  This is two this season that seem to be poorly executed.  Maybe, this is a sign that Season 13 should be the last season of the series.  Maybe it is time to walk away before the episodes get worse than this and make fans feel totally alienated.

What were your thoughts?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Instacandi a world of instant pleasure

A while back I was introduced to the scrumptious deliciousness of Instacandi.  My wife surprised me with this package of delights and I quickly devoured them.

Instacandi, for those who have never heard of the company, is an online business that has several oooh so delicious combinations of candy treats from our past and a few from today to round it out.

They mix such classics as SEE Below
  Hershey minis Reese's Pieces Nerds, KitKat Twizzlers among others.  

You can custom order for someones birthday,  a Halloween treat or your favorites among the selections.

The prices are reasonable ($9.99) and include shipping.For slightly more you can get 2 day shipping, check their site for details.

Right now they have a Bogo special on Mothers day candy
Buy One Get One.

If you are terrible thinking of gifts then INSTACANDI is the solution to your problem.

Check them out and feed that sweet tooth, just remember to order more than one bag, because the minute your friends, family, wife or kids see those treats they will try and steal them right from under you.

Here is there link.

Order today and get a bag of fun.