Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This song has been running through my head the last several day.  I thought I would share the madness and hope some of you remember this song and have fond memories of it.  Petert Gabriel and Laurie Anderson This is the Picture 9Excellent Birds)  1986


Monday, February 1, 2016

One Month and One Day

It has been exactly one month and one day since I ended up in a Homeless Shelter here in Springfield Missouri.  

When I first came here, it was a big adjustment.  For the past month of December I had spent in two Psych Wards and had become accustomed to to being taken care of, set meals, classes, entertainment all provided.  

Well that changed drastically.  I am living in a shelter that provides a continental breakfast, bagels, sometimes cream cheese, usually doughnuts and sugary Cereal and evaporated milk.

Being Diabetic I usually have two cups of coffee and then go to the Welcome Center where I may get biscuits and gravy on a couple days during the week.  I also get my lunches at the Welcome Center, which changes day to day.  At the welcome center I also have access to the internet. 

For dinner I am shuttled to the Kettle, this is a place where you are fed the word of god then fed food.  The meals are filling and are a variety each evening.  7 Nights a week I am guaranteed a free dinner.

When I get home I do a chore a day to earn my room and board.

Then I have an evening class, and then usually I go to sleep.  Lights out is not til 10:30 P.M. but usually I am exhausted by this point.

It still is a planned day and I have no real free time.  I have been in the shelter now for a month and day and I need to get out.

I need privacy, I need to be able to cook my own meals and I need to feel valuable and not just like I am going through the motions.

I lost an Obama phone and trying to replace it has been a nightmare.  I need a phone to be able to apply for work.  I need work so I can get a place and move forward.  

I have learned a lot since being Homeless, such as that we take for granted having a place to live and time to do what we want and being able to cook food.  

At the same time I have also learned that perceptions are 90% illusion and 10% fact.  Why I can say this is that before I was homeless I perceived all Homeless as lazy, drunks worthless people who were pan handlers or destitute by choice.

The homeless are no more or less lazy than any other group, some are  very active in every program they can get in to improve their life and there are those who choose to be passive and not active in life, same as everyone else.

As to Drunks, a percentage of the Homeless are addicts or addicts in recovery.  Not all are drunks, the addictions can be from liquor, to drugs, to pornography to self destructive concepts.

Many who are homeless landed in a state or city with limited resources, they were unable to find work before funds ran out and because government programs have different guidelines state to state, they may have found they do not qualify for certain programs they may have in a  different state.

Another percentage were in Mental wards and did not have coverage so they  end up in a homeless shelter with a set number of weeks to months to find work and shelter.

Pan handlers, have not run into one in Springfield, if they exist they are in a different part of the city.  As to destitute by choice I have met a few, but they are of two types.  Those who have been homeless for so long it has become an occupation, or those who have hit rock bottom but bulding to recovery.

No two homeless people are alike, anymore than any two regular people who you meet on the street.  Half the time you may not even recognize us.  We dress for success in many cases.   Some of us are scorned, but I think you need to look in the mirror and the good book before you scorn a homeless person.

Why do I say this?  Because JESUS was HOMELESS.  Something to ponder.  

Hope that this has given you something to consider and something more to digest.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The trouble with Missouri

We had a snow and ice storm last night, unlike other states Missouri does not send out snow plows or put down deicer so every street and road is near deadly in trying to walk.  This is true unless you can afford a cab.  Public transit and walking are downright dangerous.

Yet this is where I am meant to be,

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The colness of Winter

One does not realize how cold it can be, until they have to commute by walking part of the way to a destination or the whole way.

It is probably no warmer than 32 degrees today and it feels like 20.  

For me, I am fortunate.  I have a place to go to during the day and stay at night.  But here in Missouri some of the emergency shelters will not open unless it is bellow 40 degrees.

You never realize how cold 40 can be, until you walk in that temperature.

My perception of being homeless has changed 100% since I ended up in the shelter I am in.  Homeless people dress nicely, because we still are looking for work, looking for hope at turning around our lives.

It is a hard life and one that most do not choose, we end up here because we have been in mental centers and discharged, with what meds we have and the clothes we had on.

Or we run out of money and can not pay rent and end up at a shelter.

The one thing that really comes home to those who live in a shelter is how the people there are looking out for each other.  Are there some who take advantage?  Yes but this is true no matter the circumstances.

I will never be the person I was before this experience.  If anything I have become more a spiritual person and one who sees their calling to helping others.

I am walking in my brothers shoes and it is opening my eyes and my heart.

Think before you decide to pass judgement on someone on the street, they could be your son or daughter, father or mother... or you.

Where did our society go so wrong???

I sit here at a computer in the Springfield Public Library and am wondering where our society went so wrong?

I ask this because values today seem completely abandoned. people we could trust are now suspect and we struggle to do what is right when everyone, or nearly everyone who is successful is a crook in some regard.

When did mothers and Sisters become Sex Objects?  I do not know and I remember growing up that, one would never think of a friends mom in a sexual way, it just wasn't done.

But now we have teachers who become sexually involved with students, priests who violate their celibacy with children.  The list goes on.

We need to stop sexualizing everyone and everything.  Sex is a special sharing between two people who love each other deeply, not just something that people do to feel good.

Maybe it is my age, but I feel that this trend has gone way too far and needs to STOP and STOP NOW.

I am not a God and I am not a religious leader, just a Man who is tired and sad at the world we live in and would like to see common decency come back into fashion.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Boldly Going... In a new direction

It has been a lifetime since I last posted here, and I mean that literally.

For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook you are unaware that I spent a month in inpatient therapy and am now living in Springfield Missouri in a mens shelter.

This has all been life changing for me.  To live for a month in such a controlled environment is different and now I am living in an environment where I have to find work, not just dilly dally.  

Public transit is available and affordable.

I have no idea where I will end up, but I will keep you all posted as I move forward.

Monday, October 12, 2015

We had a Job to do a review

Recently I read a book on World War Two, this is nothing unusual for me since I have had a fascination with this period of history since I was six years old,

I have read many books, from biographies to books that covered events and battles of the war.  

So I  was looking forward to reading We Had A Job To Do,  Especially because the description on the cover states that this is a basic history of world war two as seen through the eyes of those who served,

When I  read that this would be through the eyes of those who served, I was excited, I expected a lot of first-hand eyewitness  accounts from the men who fought the war.

Instead I got a lot of  cut and paste quotes from the brass in most cases, a lot of history of those who went to war, what they had done before going to war and very brief and descriptions of the battles themselves.

There are errors in dates such as the Potsdam conference pre-D-Day when this conference was in 1945.  The book is written in broken segments and is extremely dry.

There is nothing that makes this a must-read book, if anything it is bland and boring,  Save your money this is not the book that you are looking for on World War Two.