Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Great album #100happydays


As you all know, I go to a thrift store once a week or so and am always adding records to my collection.

About three weeks ago or so, I found an album I had not listened to since leaving Missouri, or perhaps even before then then.

The album, In the Heat of the Night by Pat Benatar.

Pat Benatar was one of those singers whom I used to collect every album, just about, that came out and whom I eventually got tickets to see when she came to Denver.

I listened to her music and found myself identifying with a great deal of it, especially her music about being alone and a victim of abuse.

One song that I have always thought was unique on this album, was the song "My Clone Sleeps Alone"  This song was about the aids epidemic without coming out directly and saying so.  It is one of those songs you listen to and want to laugh because it seems so absurd but don't because you keep listening and wondering.

What I did not know, until looking at the composers on the music was that many of the songs on this album were covers that Pat Benatar had done, and in some cases her covers were better or as good as the original.  "Don't let it show" was done originally by Alan Parsons' Project, and yet Benatars' version sticks with you.

Another song from this album that was original was "So Sincere" and it is one of those songs that feels like a dual edge sword.

This album has a lot of memories and associations for me, but hearing it again for the first time in the past few years makes it seem all new again, and that is the great thing about a record, it can seem brand new and yet remind you of you at a different time, when things seemed to be easier and perhaps simpler because you didn't have those life experiences as yet.

And the original by Alan Parsons' Project.  You will see why Benatars' version is so much stronger and why she owns this song.

So this is why "In the Heat of the Night" is still one of my favorites all these years later and why two songs especially are favorites from this album,

Hope you enjoy, until next time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#100happydays no this is not an art museum

 Apature 2 or the Klingon Cresh? 1 of 2

 Santa Fe, or a scene from DOCTOR WHO?
 Art or an alien life form? 1 of 3

 Are those my feet I see before me?
No this was not taken at an art museum.  This is a waiting area in the University of Colorado Anschutz Cancer Research facility in Aurora Colorado.  Amazing art isn't it?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A German Restaurant in Aurora

Where I live in Aurora, Colorado you mainly have Mexican Restaurants with a few other places like McDonalds and Panera Breae d Company.

Finding any other ethnic restaurants is a rarity and is something you have to check out because it is so rare.

Near where my Physical Therapy center is located is a little German Restaurant called Helgas'.  I have not yet had the opportunity to go to this place, I hope to soon.  

Til then, here are some pictures of the outside of this little restaurant.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Unique e to eat in Colorado

What follows are photos of perhaps one of the most unique places to eat in Colorado.  The location is at the cafe at The University of Colorado Medical Center.

I kid you not, the food was amazing and the setting is very unique in its appearance and over all feel.  If you want something different and fun then stop in.  Prices are reasonable and you will have something definitely to talk about after words.

 Veggi Lasagnia, it was delicious
 Dining area
 Really cool lights
 The windows in the wall
 Art on the wall  taken by my wife

Sunday, July 27, 2014

What is The Statue of Liberty? A great book by Joan Holub

Most of us think of The Statue of Liberty as the Greenish Blue statue that is out on Ellis Island off of New York.

Well it is a patina of Greenish Blue, since it was made of copper this is the patina it has, but it is not on Ellis Island, it is on Liberty Island.

This is just a small sample of the material that is contained in this compact book.

The book is written for children as a way of teaching them about ThUSe Statue of Liberty. however it is written in such a way, that people of any age can appreciate the book and the information contained with-in.

The book written by Joan Holub and is illustrated by John Hinderliter.

Mr. Hinderliters' illustrations add to the text and give a sense of completeness in the presentation of materials.

You will discover how the United States nearly lost this gift from France and what part Gustave Eiffel had in the building of the statue, and how Bedlows Island was chosen and why the Statue was put on an Island.

There is so much information and this book is such a pleasure to read, that you will find yourself reading it again just to bone up on all the cool trivia you will find here-in.

What is The Statue of Liberty is 5 stars and a great book for people of all ages.  You will enjoy this book.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Air Raid Pearl Harbor an impressive book

Today, June 30th, I finished another book.  This one was a young adult book titled Air Raid Pear Harbor, the Story of December 7th 1941.

The book is by Theodore Taylor who was involved in the production of the motion picture of "Tora Tora Tora"  which was released in 1970.  Taylor in part took the movie script and condensed much of it into this book, but added his own elements to the book.

One thing he did through out the book, was keep it balanced in how he presented the information on both the American and Japanese point of view.  In the book Taylor manages to present the diverse views between Tojo, the military ruler of Japan, who had more power than the emperor and Admiral Yamamoto who commanded the combined fleet for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Yamamoto was opposed to the attack, and stated that this would be a disaster for Japan, because the United States would rise for the ashes and eventually defeat Japan.

Taylor also in a section at the end of the book titled The Heroes and The Scapegoats, allows both Admiral Husband E Kimmel and General Short to speak and express in their own words, taken from transcripts from the investigation in 1946.  Kimmel does not mince words and expresses in blatant terms how he felt he was hung out to dry to cover for errors by other officers and leaders who were even more to blame for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Air Raid Pearl Harbor, is a tightly written book that gives a fresh look at the events of this day and is a book that you will find fascinating whether you are 17 or 70.

Friday, July 25, 2014

#100happydays A Memorial Record Album to a Beloved President

The other day, Tuesday July 22nd I was at my favorite thrift store here in Aurora, Colorado and I discovered perhaps the most unique record I have found so far.

This is not a popular music album, it has no music at all.  As a matter of fact it is 100% dialogue.

What is this unique record album, that in six days sold 4 million copies?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, A Memorial Album.  That's right a record produced with-in 24 hours of President Kennedy's death.

A radio station in New York WMCA.  The album is narrated by Ed Brown, who expertly sets up excerpts and in a few occasions complete speeches given by President Kennedy.

The speeches resonate clearly and with the depth and passion that Kennedy had in life, it is as if the President were sitting in the room with you.  There is no distortion, no hisses or pops or crackles.  If you did not know this was produced in 1963, you would feel it was a digitally remastered recording.

The record was cut together on the day of the assassination, November 22nd 1963 using Kennedy's speeches from his inauguration, to his speech on civil rights.

What is amazing is that a large portion of the proceeds from this album went to the Joseph P Kennedy Foundation for research into Mental Retardation.

The cost of the album was .99 cents and the one I purchased was marked Special .19 cents.

For me this is one of the most significant albums I own, and listening to it reminds me how much a different world it is today, considering that when this album was made, African Americans could not go to the same movie theaters as Whites, could not go to the same restaurants or stay in the same hotels.  

If you can find this album it is a time capsul and well worth adding to your collection.

What other amazing things will I discover at Safari thrift?  Follow my blog and find out, and let me know what you think.  

Til next time.